Writing Retreat Aftershocks


(the main room at faith’s lodge courtesy of faithslodge.org)

Ah! The luxury of a writing retreat! February’s retreat was a biggie: Kate Hopper’s Motherhood and Words retreat at Faith’s Lodge.

I could give you the background on the Lodge (it’s a bereavement center for families who have lost a child.)

I could give you the backstory on how I first heard of it (from my high school friend Kara Thom.)

Or how Kara and I reconnected after our 20-year high school reunion (because I discovered I was pregnant with twins and Kara is a Super Twin Mama of the highest degree).

Or how through Kara I met my dear friend Mary.

I could tell you how I write in Mary’s living room every Wednesday and how much of my stuff is born there.

Or how Mary is one of the editors of our writing group’s book Mamas Write due out in April. (Actually I should be telling you a lot about this—you know, the whole “platform-building thing.”

I could tell you how remarkable it is to write with a group of women who write and share and belt it out.

Or I could just sum up the whole weekend with a fancy emoticon.


You know, ‘cause what’s better than going to a writing retreat where you crack open your soul and scribble the stuff that leaks out and then coming home to write in symbols?

Guess it means I need another writing retreat.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Writing Retreat Aftershocks

      • Sue LeBreton

        Yes, she does. It is a gift to be able to create a sacred space like that. I was amazed that I could show up with a bunch of strangers and share so much and feel so much.

  1. Claire Hennessy

    Sounds like it was amazing. You are so fortunate Janine to go on all these retreats. Cannot wait to read all the leaked out scribbles!

    • So now I have to channel that depth when I’m home so it gets out of my head and onto the page! We’ll have to plan a retreat together sometime, Claire. So great to get away to write!

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