E is for Epositary


EYou know, you can only write so many blog posts before you start making up words. I probably should have buried this lead and let you believe that “epositary” was an actual word meaning “to eposit in an official capacity, as in The new epositary brought a stinky lunch bag to the cafeteria.

Or maybe it could mean “one who states the obvious as in, The old epositary told the new epositary ‘Holy shit! That’s a stinky lunch!’

Maybe it’s an ancient Roman senator.
The epositary dropped his toga by the gladiator’s stinky lunch bag.

Or a chess position.
When you make the knight an epositary of the queen, checkmate is certain.

Maybe it’s a place for stinky lunches.
Please put all smelly refuse in the epositary in the back of the cafeteria.

That’s all I got, folks. Here’s hoping that F is a better day. Now what starts with “F?”

6 thoughts on “E is for Epositary

  1. Sue LeBreton

    You are so funny. I can only see suppository here.Perhaps the expository is the one who administers the suppository. Now be thankful that is not your day job.

  2. The pair of you are too funny. What on earth made you think of Epositary? No, don’t answer that. I know. Anthology madness.

  3. This is fun. I like made-up words. Have you ever read the book “Frindle”? One of my favorites when I was a kid. 🙂

    Stopping by from the A to Z!

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