K is for Kitty Litter


KI am on a quest for the perfect kitty litter. Clumps, but doesn’t smell. Is organic but doesn’t track all over.

It’s harder than you would think.

We’ve tried several brands since acquiring our kitties last September. Such as “WORLD’S BEST KITTY LITTER” for kittens. How can you go wrong with that? But it turns out that the world’s best still wasn’t that impressive. It was chemical-free and it had a pretty look to it (like aquarium gravel), it also had a tendency to crumble and get dusty. And “WORLD’S BEST KITTY LITTER” multi-cat version wasn’t much better. We tried a kind that was completely compostable but it didn’t clump. Not-clumping is code for “super-gross and mushy” and it looked like goat pellets.

Fresh Step was good at odor control, had excellent clumping power but is basically just a chem-fest (that’s clever-speak for “full of chemicals.”) And our current litter clumps well, but it’s still stinky.

I think I’ve jumped the shark in this A-Z challenge, but if you’re out there and you know of a good, natural litter that smells like daisies, I’m all ears.

4 thoughts on “K is for Kitty Litter

  1. Sue LeBreton

    No litter ideas as it has been years since I had cats. You just reminded me how parenthood- and pet ownership- always comes down to dealing with bodily waste. Before becoming a parent did you ever imagine talking so much about poop?Now a pet owner, it’s about scooping the poop. Interesting.

    • you are so right, Sue. Before you’re a parent you hear other parents talking about poop and you’re like, “WHATEVER!”

      then it happens to you and it becomes your whole world. 🙂

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