U is for Unwanted


UI have an entire collection of unwanted words. Paragraphs that are lovely out of context, but just don’t fit in the essay I’m working on. Or maybe they’re too complicated to fix.

So I post them on my other blog, the one that posts to Facebook but to which one cannot subscribe, the one that’s just for getting stuff out there. And they sit. “Adopted Darlings” I call them, a play on the misattributed quotes that encourages writers to murder what they love.

It works for me. The unwanted words get a home and a tag. By themselves they’re like clouds that float by. The kind that seem to serve no purpose.

One thought on “U is for Unwanted

  1. Phoebe Bode

    You are so poetic. You write prose poems (which is what the publisher added to the title of Elroy’s first book, published years before you were born. I was going to add an exclamation point, but F.Scott Fitzgerald said that using exclamation points are like laughing at your own jokes. Well, I’m putting it back in. “. . . years before you were born!”

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