4 thoughts on “Letter to Janine of WS 2002

  1. Phoebe Bode

    You’re a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Giants’ facts. You obviously have fun writing. That comes through, that, and tradition. You can write about what you love. You and the Giants go way back. Nicely done.

    • I’m just quick with Google fingers, Mom. Wag’s the guy with the Giants facts. He knows the entire Giants lineup. He can’t even read yet!

  2. Well, I was downtown with my son and husband yesterday, hanging out a window on Market street just past 3rd and Market. It was glorious! You, too, will be doing the same with your twins sometime down the road. Better have some snacks ready.

    But—I’m such a girl. My heart is breaking as Panda will most likely not be with the Giants come spring training.

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