Emoticon_Smile_FaceC’mon. When was the last time you really didn’t have access to email when you were on vacation? It was 2007 and we all know it. If you wanted to check email on a plane, on a train, in a car, or off the grid, you could do it, and probably from six different devices. Hell, even the yoga commune where I go to write every January has wifi. So just be honest and tell us—you read our email. You just don’t feel like answering it.

SUBJECT: On Vacation

Hello! I’m on vacation from October 26 – October 31st. Yes, I’m reading each email as it comes in, but I’m only responding to the ones that a) I can answer within six seconds or b) have nothing to do with work. If your email doesn’t fall into either category, I’ll probably answer it when I return, although there is an 86% chance that now that I’ve read your email, I’ve already forgotten all about it.