E is for Epositary


EYou know, you can only write so many blog posts before you start making up words. I probably should have buried this lead and let you believe that “epositary” was an actual word meaning “to eposit in an official capacity, as in The new epositary brought a stinky lunch bag to the cafeteria.

Or maybe it could mean “one who states the obvious as in, The old epositary told the new epositary ‘Holy shit! That’s a stinky lunch!’

Maybe it’s an ancient Roman senator.
The epositary dropped his toga by the gladiator’s stinky lunch bag.

Or a chess position.
When you make the knight an epositary of the queen, checkmate is certain.

Maybe it’s a place for stinky lunches.
Please put all smelly refuse in the epositary in the back of the cafeteria.

That’s all I got, folks. Here’s hoping that F is a better day. Now what starts with “F?”