Brain Changer


A Mother's Guide to Cognitive Science

BRAIN CHANGER is a practical application of self-care, expressing gratitude, managing flow, and cultivating a growth mindset—but with a twist of cutting-edge cognitive science.

This collection of essays by Janine Kovac evolved from guest blog posts written for the site The research and analysis comes from Kovac's thesis "A Linguistic Analysis of Parenting," which received the 2009 Glushko Prize from U.C. Berkeley for Distinguished Research in Cognitive Science.


Some nice things people had to say about BRAIN CHANGER:

Brain Changer is an inspiring, hard-to-put-down book of how [Janine Kovac] used her cognitive science to bring her one-and-a-half pound twins and herself through a mother’s nightmare to healthy happy lives.
— George Lakoff, University of California, Berkeley and New York Times bestselling author of Don’t Think of an Elephant
Most people don’t know that they need to have a little cognitive science under their belts in order to parent well, but read this book and you’ll know that probably, you do. It’s a useful and interesting tool for much more skillful—and therefore effective and joyful—parenting.
— Christine Carter, PhD, author of Raising Happiness and The Sweet Spot
Brain Changer is a perfect gem of a book. Kovac weaves together cognitive science, language and metaphor, and deeply moving personal stories of difficult moments at the beginning and end of life.
— Lorrie Goldin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Janine Kovac has a unique talent for taking raw experiences and bringing them to life with deep insight, candor and a unique perspective.  Her background in dance, cognitive science and directing all come together in a production that is dazzling.
— Maria Ramos-Chertok, The Rockwood Leadership Institute and author of The Butterfly Series Workbook and Journal
Brain Changer offers a fascinating look at how Janine Kovac used language to reframe her world during a time of extreme trauma.
— Marianne Lonsdale, founding member, Write on Mamas