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cover design by Michelle Argyle of  Melissa Williams Design

cover design by Michelle Argyle of Melissa Williams Design


When Janine Kovac gives birth to micro preemie twins nearly four months before they are due, she channels the grace and strength that carried her through a successful ballet career. The human body has amazing healing powers if you just know how to listen to it.

But old habits bring up old haunts and bitter memories—the futile quest for perfection and a career-ending injury. In the sterile, fluorescent world of the NICU, ballet breeds hope as the twins make a miraculous recovery.

Can it also bring resolution to the dancer so many years after the abrupt and painful end to the career she loved so much?

A tremendous book: a thrilling find for any reader and a tour-de-force for the author.
— Publishers Weekly

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Brain changer: a mother's guide to cognitive science

BRAIN CHANGER is a practical application of self-care, expressing gratitude, managing flow, and cultivating a growth mindset—but with a twist of cutting-edge cognitive science.

This collection of essays by Janine Kovac evolved from guest blog posts written for the site BraveOverPerfect.com. The research and analysis comes from Kovac's thesis "A Linguistic Analysis of Parenting," which received the 2009 Glushko Prize from U.C. Berkeley for Distinguished Research in Cognitive Science.

Cognitive scientist and New York Times bestselling author George Lakoff calls it "inspiring, hard to put down."

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Noelle & Noelle Publishing, 2016

cover design by Michelle Argyle of  Melissa Williams Design

cover design by Michelle Argyle of Melissa Williams Design

mamas write: 29 tales of truth, wit, and grit

(co-editor and contributing author)

Twenty-four moms (and one dad) share stories from their lives as writers and parents. Essays range from finding one’s calling as a writer through adopting a toddler; a tribute to a dying wife; an account of a premature birth; raising a transgender child; the joys of sharing a favorite childhood book. In a concluding interview, authors share funny and heartfelt responses to questions such as: “How does a busy parent make time for writing?” “Why do you write, and where?” “What writing books inspire you?” and “What holds you back from writing?”

Praise for Mamas Write

These writers dig deep and don’t shy away from tough subjects, but their essays sparkle with humor and energy, too. I love the diversity of voices here, and their wide range of interests. From gauzy preemies in the NICU to a grown son, brooding with piercings and dreadlocks; from dreams of being writers (or mothers, or mermaids) to dreams of just one good nap-it’s all here, and it makes a great read.

Caroline Grant, Editor in Chief of Literary Mama and
Associate Director of the Sustainable Arts Foundation

Bittersweet Press, 2014



Multiples Illuminated is a compelling collection of stories from writers and parents of multiples, as well as expert advice that is a must-have for all parents and grandparents of multiples. Having multiples is one of the most wonderful and challenging experiences you will have in your life. Whether you’re expecting multiples, or a few years into the multiples club, you will find stories you love in Multiples Illuminated.

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The book of kid

by Ms. Diamond's Third Grade Class

(editor and publisher)

Janine Kovac didn’t write The Book of Kid, but it is one of her indie publishing projects. It started as a classroom project for the school auction of Chabot Elementary as a book of parenting advice from third graders. The original book was a work that paired art (block prints) with suggestions for grownups. (Spoiler alert: kids want you to put your phone down and pay attention to them.)

The authors of The Book of Kid have generously decided to donate all royalties from book sales to benefit elementary students in Oakland Unified School District.

Bobcat Books, 2016

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violet and ruby

by Chiara Kovac

(editor and publisher)

When Violet and Ruby find a mysterious invitation, their camping trip takes an exciting turn.

Even the tagline was written by six-year-old Chiara Kovac. Read the backstory here.

Here’s what close relatives have to say about Violet and Ruby

Stories for children written by children are the best. Loved the illustrations. I sometimes mixed up Violet and Ruby, but the illustrations always made it clear who was who, with the clever use of v’s and r’s on their dresses. Can’t wait for Volume 2. Full disclosure, I have known the author for six years.

Aunt Rita